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April 2020

Creation of the first sketches of the SSA project by the Lastro and eSpace laboratories in collaboration with callista.

May 2020

Filling up for the MAKE fund.

  • Constitution of the first team composed mainly of students from the physics section
  • Getting support from different EPFL laboratories in Basic sciences and Computer Science

July 2020

Aproval of the project by the MAKE comitee.

September 2020

First recruitment sessions

  • Finding enthoustastic students willing to contribute to the project

September - December 2020

Development of the Software part and studying the Hardware needs

  • The first semester of this project is going to consist mainly of data gathering, simulation and hardware needs estimations for the telescope that will be built during the spring semester
  • Travelling to different observatories to get some on site exxperience and gather more data

December 2020

Re-evaluation of the financial needs for the spring semester with the MAKE comitee

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