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Having detected the majority of all the objects larger than 10cm in LEO

Multiple telescopes and different technologies

Detection of Spacecraft team's CubeSat.

Autumn semester 2022 - Spring semester 2023

Optimization and Automatisation of LOST and large scale data acquisition

non optical observations (radiowaves): OORT - Orbit Observation Radio Telescope

Detecting objects of 10cm in diameter

Catalogue of 1'000 objects

Spring semester 2022

Second prototype: LOST - Low Orbit Satellite Tracker

Detecting objects of 1m in diameter

Different MAKE projects, namely for telescope setup, calibration, construction of cupola, orbit interpolation and collision probability computations.

Fall semester 2021

Evaluation of telescope and camera

Presentation at SIAM conference for aerospace engineering

February-June 2021

Making of the proof of concept prototype with a standard camera and a raspeberry pi

First database structure

Sketches of collision probability calculations

January 2021

First working satellite track detection algorithm

December 2020

Re-evaluation of the financial needs for the spring semester with the MAKE comitee

September - December 2020

Development of the Software part and studying the Hardware needs

  • The first semester of this project is going to consist mainly of data gathering, simulation and hardware needs estimations for the telescope that will be built during the spring semester
  • Travelling to different observatories to get some on site exxperience and gather more data

September 2020

First recruitment sessions

  • Finding enthoustastic students willing to contribute to the project

July 2020

Aproval of the project by the MAKE comitee.

May 2020

Filling up for the MAKE fund.

  • Constitution of the first team composed mainly of students from the physics section
  • Getting support from different EPFL laboratories in Basic sciences and Computer Science

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